Inaugural Las Vegas Showcase House Supports Core Academy


Widely regarded in the national design community, Showcase House events have occurred in major cities all over America. Now, for the first time ever, Las Vegas joins the ranks. Soon to become one of the West Coast’s premier design and show house events, the inaugural Las Vegas Showcase House will open to the public in Jan. 2018. With the goal of highlighting the historic neighborhoods and promoting the unique diversity of Las Vegas while helping to develop the future of talented individuals, the first Las Vegas Showcase House is in the Scotch 80s neighborhood.  Before its debut, the single-family residence will undergo a complete transformation inside and out, including outdoor living spaces for the modern Las Vegas lifestyle. The transformation will be completed by a group of selected designers who each submitted ideas and design concepts for the various rooms and will work collectively to bring those designs to life. Throughout the process and once complete, a variety of celebrations and events will be held to mark the occasion. This highly anticipated event is expected to attract thousands of design enthusiasts from all corners of the globe.

Even better, the Las Vegas Showcase House will serve as both a fundraising event and a project-based mentoring opportunity for Core Academy as a dozen scholars who applied to participate will have an opportunity to work closely with and do hands-on, experiential learning with the designers from the beginning to the end of the project. Proceeds from the inaugural Las Vegas Showcase House will assist in providing educational programs and scholarships to local students interested in architecture, construction, interior design and related fields – including Core Academy. Throughout the process, scholars will have an opportunity to visit with architects, general contractors and interior designers and learn firsthand about the progression of designing a space and executing the necessary steps to make a design vision a reality.

For more information about Las Vegas Showcase House and to support, please visit and stay tuned for updates on the progress in future blog posts.