Lindsay Harper
Executive Director

Why Core inspires me
I have been lucky to know all the Scholars, past and present. They are like family to me. I love watching how small victories achieved through our model build up each student until they genuinely believe in themselves and the power of their own abilities to shape their destinies. I am inspired by the thought of future Scholars, which fuels my passion to expand Core Academy and touch as many young lives as possible.

How I came to Core
I came to this organization in 2005 and am extremely proud of our record of success. I have mentored and trained with the best of our community’s non-profit professionals and philanthropists. I lead an extremely talented team that shares my dedication to serving the Scholars. In fall 2016 I will begin a master’s degree in Public Policy & Administration at Northwestern University as part of my commitment to personal growth and setting the best example I can for the Scholars.

Julieta Cruz
Cohort Advisor

Why Core inspires me
I want to work with low-income students and help them reach their goals. As a 25-year-old college graduate who loves to travel, loves animals, is multi-lingual and a vegetarian, I hope to set a good example for the Scholars and make a positive difference in the world.

How I came to Core
After earning a Bachelor of Science degree from UNLV’s College of Business Administration, I knew in my heart that I belonged in a more philanthropic environment, one that would allow me to have a dramatic impact on peoples’ lives.I am currently pursuing a Master of Education in School Counseling and getting the best possible practical experience from working with the Scholars.

Elizabeth Dilly
Grant Writer

Why CORE inspires me
Because I work off-site, I don’t get to interact directly with the Scholars. Nevertheless, I am inspired every day by their perseverance and accomplishments. Being entrusted to tell their stories–and the story of Core Academy—has been one of the greatest honors of my life.

How I came to CORE
It has been my privilege and pleasure to work on behalf of the Scholars since 2009. A lot of things have changed since then—all for the better. What hasn’t changed is the organization’s absolute dedication to the children it serves. The same can be said of Ms. Lindsay; she fights like a lioness for the Scholars!

Barbara Molasky
Community Resource Director

Why Core inspires me
Core’s model is truly hands on and grassroots. Every Scholar has an individualized success plan designed by a dedicated team of professionals who care so much about these students and hold them accountable. Core has an incredible success rate because the focus is always on the students and getting the work done – not on seeking attention or winning awards. Lives really are changed here.

How I came to Core
Retirement was calling, but then I met Lindsay. Her passion and dedication pulled me in like no other leader I’ve met. Once I met the Scholars, I was hooked! After a long career in non-profit and community service, this was the model and group of people who truly spoke to my heart: collaborative efforts, fundraising only when needed, but most of all the needs of the students come first, no matter what. I love what Core is doing and am so glad to be part of it.

Humberto Baldivias
Tomchin Cohort Advisor

Why Core inspires me
I’m at Core because of my hope to change the world and passion to provide help to the community. I love working with children and want to make a difference in the Scholars’ lives. I know how important it is to give back because of my own childhood experience as a hemophiliac who received help and support from caring adults who wanted to improve my quality of life.

How I came to Core
I graduated from UNLV with a bachelor’s degree in social work in December 2015. Now I am applying my degree to my work at Core Academy after meeting the staff and Scholars at Camp Core, where I volunteered for Torino Foundation summer camps.

Oliska Batiste
Scholar Advocate

Why Core inspires me
After the end of my first interview at Core I knew it was the place for me! The enthusiasm and dedication amongst the staff and scholars excited me. My position as a Scholar Advocate aligns with everything I stand for and am passionate about,focusing on the social, emotional and basic needs of our scholars. My position helps me to reach out and help the scholars and their families using resources from within the community. The philosophy of Core treats every scholar as an individual, which perfectly aligned with my own philosophies in the field of education.

How I came to Core
I am a Native to Los Angeles.  I am a mom, a daughter and a friend. I was a Site Director and Preschool teacher for over 20 years. I relocated from California to Nevada in the summer of 2015. I immediately began working as a Head Teacher in Early Childhood Education. I began to search for a job that would allow me to expand my horizons and that’s when I found Core Academy.

Stephanie Castille
Model Associate

Why Core inspires me
I joined Core Academy because I want to make a difference in our scholar’s lives. Each of our kids has a touching, motivating, funny or beautiful story to tell, and I see that they all have potential to be phenomenal human beings in society. I am so happy to be part of the Core Academy team because each person on the team cares for every one of our scholars.

How I came to Core
After Graduating from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with a BA in Integrated Marketing Communications, I found that I wanted to explore working with children. I applied for a summer internship with Core and immediately fell in love. I knew that after working with our middle school and high school aged scholars that I would want to work with kids for the rest of my life. Soon after joining Core Academy, I enrolled in classes at UNLV to pursue my master’s degree in Early Childhood Education. I’m excited to see what’s next in my adventure with Core Academy!

Joanne Nasby
Office Manager

Why Core inspires me
A resident of Las Vegas since 1961, Joanne Nasby has been part of the Rogers family since 1983, when she was hired as the National Sales Assistant and assistant to the general manager of KVBC TV3. During her 26 years at KVBC TV3, Joanne also held the positions of National Sales Manager and of General Sales Manager. In 2009, she moved to Yuma, Arizona, when she was promoted to General Manager of KYMA TV, the Rogers’ NBC station in Yuma. When KYMA was sold in 2014, Joanne returned home to Las Vegas where she joined The Rogers Foundation. She is the Office Manager for The Rogers Foundation and for Core Academy, Powered by The Rogers Foundation.

Isabelle Bellinghausen

Why Core inspires me
I came to CORE because I found a culture of learning that inspires the scholars to reach their own individual potentials and dreams. In the public school system most students are often lumped together and presented the same limited life paths, but CORE allows each scholar to shine in their unique and powerful way. It’s such a warm and inviting learning atmosphere as both a teacher and a student that I can’t imagine myself working anywhere else.

How I came to Core
Born and raised in Las Vegas, I graduated as a member of the UNLV Honors College in 2015 while earning my B.A. in both English and French. Having studied abroad for an entire year in Pau, France, I love using my fluency in another language to connect with the scholars of CORE Academy. In January 2016 I began as the English tutor for the 10th grade cohort of CORE scholars and I fell swiftly in love with these incredible students. Waking up every morning, I find myself brimming with stories, lessons, and excitement I can’t wait to share with the scholars and with anticipation for the lessons and the stories they have to share with me.

Michael Dodson
Artist in Residence

Why Core inspires me
The act of providing knowledge and experiences to the scholars and influencing their development as not only successful students but positive free-thinking individuals is something I find extremely meaningful. Doing so through creativity and art-centric projects, I believe, is a gateway to so many opportunities in thought and growth. Being witness to their progress while supporting their uniqueness and supplying the fundamental motivation is my ultimate reward. But, my main goal for the scholars is fun: be weird and express yourself in a positive impactful way.

How I came to Core
I graduated from Skidmore College, NY, with a Bachelors of Science and a focus on studio art. I then went on to receive a Masters from Christies Auction House, NY in art history and the history of the art market. I had the opportunity to work throughout Manhattan in galleries, art studios, art auction companies but found the most meaningful and soul enriching opportunities to be those which help better the lives of others and completely dug the philosophy and positive vibe of Core.

Anthony Delgado
Associate Advisor

Why Core inspires me
I am a first generation American in my family. I believe in the strong ability of adults to help shape and nurture kids who have grown up just like me. I love the purpose  and mission of this organization. Helping these wonderful kids shaped their future and success gives me great satisfaction. I’ve borrowed Lindsay’s motto of “Work hard and Be kind” into everything I do, whether it relate to school, work, family life, or whatever I may be involved in. The bottom line is clear…Work Hard and Be Kind.

How I came to Core
I Started with Core Academy as an intern, and fell in love instantly once I meet the kids. I am a former collegiate volleyball player and just transferred to UNLV this fall majoring in Criminal Justice. My goal with these kids is to make them feel as if they can’t talk to me or ask me about anything so I can help to guide and direct them in the best way I possibly can.